Moving Up Credit Program

Are you thinking of making a move?
House too small and want something bigger?
Kids gone and ready to downsize?
Just want something different?

LoneStarRealty Texas is here to help with our new Moving Up Credit program!!

Here's how the program works:

1.  List and sell your current property with LoneStarRealty Texas
2.  Let us help you find and purchase the perfect new home
3.  You will receive a Moving Up Credit equal to 1.5% of the Sales Price of your home sold at closing!

THE FINE PRINT:  This offer is only valid on homes listed and sold with the full-service Profession Listing Service package.  Homes listed and sold with the Basic Listing Service package do not qualify for the Moving Up Credit program.

The Credit is equal to 1.5% of whichever property has the lower Sales Price. For example, if the Sales Price of the home you are purchasing is greater than the Sales Price of the home you are selling, the Credit would be calculated based on the lower sales price of the home being sold.  If you are downsizing and the house you are purchasing has a lower Sales Price than the house you are selling, the Credit would be calculated off of the lower price of the home you purchase

The Credit will be applied to whichever property closes second.  For example, if the home you purchase closes before the home you have listed for sale closes, then the Credit will be applied on the home for sale, which closed second.

This offer does not have an actual cash value - all Credits issued will be debited/credited accordingly on the Closing Statement.


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DISCLAIMER:  It is unethical to solicit Clients under legal contract with another Broker.
If your property is currently listed with another Broker or you have a signed Buyer's Representation Agreement
with another Broker, this is not a solicitation for your business.