Commission Plans

All Plans Offer:
Keep What You Earn
Full-Time, Part-Time, Any-Time
No Desk Fee, No Franchise Fees
Branded Email
Listings Belong to the Agent
Set your own Rates
Commission Paid at Closing
Agent Retain 100% of all Bonuses
Must join Houston Area Realtors (HAR) and MLS
Manage your own business your way; No micro-management by Broker/staff
HUD Registered Broker
E&O Insurance

Option 1: Per Transaction Program
No Monthly Fee
$149.00 per Year Annual Fee
$99.00 per Transaction1

$49.00 per Residential Lease

Option 2: Flat Monthly Fee Program
No Transaction Fees1

$149.00 per Year Annual Fee
$249.00 per Month (Residential Transactions Only)

Option 3: Flat Yearly Fee Program
No Monthly Fees, No Transaction Fees1

$149.00 per Year Annual Fee
$2,750.00 per Year Flat Fee (Residential Transactions Only)1

Additional Business Options:

Commercial Transactions
$149.00 per Commercial Lease
$249.00 per Commercial Sale1

Any of the above plans with the option to build your own brand.  (Please ask for details.)

Branch Office
Have your office registered as a Branch Office of Broker with TREC and HAR.  (Please ask for details.)

Commission Plan may be changed without penalty at the time Annual Fee is paid (due by January 10th).
Commission Plan may be upgraded at any time before July 1st of the year.
Commission Plan may not be downgraded after January 10th.

All details of Commission Plans and Additional Business Options
are available in the Policies and Procedures manual.

1 - E&O Insurance coverage included on transactions up to $500,000

2 - Yearly Plan will be pro-rated based on month joined.  Plan is not refundable and will not be pro-rated if commission plan is downgraded.  No installment payments are allowed.

For more information or to set up an interview, please email

Updated and Effective September 16, 2012